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Africa’s Bright Future is a rallying call for entrepreneurs, investors, academics, policymakers, and anyone else who wants informed discussions about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for Africa.

This Substack is a forward-thinking, dynamic space curated by Magatte Wade — author of The Heart of A Cheetah, founder and CEO of Skin Is Skin, host of The Magatte Wade Show, and one of Africa's leading entrepreneurs.

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Magatte is not afraid to flip conventional wisdom on its head. She's a renowned business leader with roots in Senegal and the heart of Silicon Valley, armed with the valuable perspective of having lived and thrived in both worlds.

Each week, Magatte will dare to challenge your existing narratives, debunk myths, and boldly assert that Africa is not a continent of the past, but the future. You’ll embark on this journey with Magatte’s community of forward-thinkers who believe in Africa's potential to be a global powerhouse.

From insightful commentary on African economics, entrepreneurship, and innovation, to intimate conversations with African leaders who are pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Magatte leaves no stone unturned.

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Africa's Bright Future is not for the faint of heart, or those content with the status quo. It’s for those audacious enough to envision and believe in Africa’s limitless potential.

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Magatte Wade

Magatte Wade is the Director of Atlas Network's Center for African Prosperity. She’s spoken at the United Nations, Aspen Institute, Harvard, Oxford, MIT, and TED. Her work’s been featured in NYTimes, WSJ, Lex Fridman’s and Jordan Peterson’s Podcast.