I first, discovered you during your discussion and interview with Jordan B. Peterson last year right? Can't actually remembered.

I'm hundreds billions in with that your dreams and plannings " Director for the Center for African Prosperity for the Atlas Network".

I'm a TEF CONNECT ALUMNI, SaaS, eCommerce, & Social Media Marketings Entrepreneur.

Sweetheart, I will love to give my whole lot of my contribution in any ways, shapes or forms "volunteering not excluded".

This is the only continent & countries in the world I felt confident I will be disrespect by either citizens or government, agencies or politicians.

I got nothing to lose.

To Our Success

adamu IDRIS😎

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Jul 7, 2023Liked by Magatte Wade

Thank you so much for your witeup, and thanks for the work in pursuit of Africas forward movement for better change for its people. Cheers. Ebipade Gbedi.

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It’s my honor! Thank you for the kind words, Ebipade!

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Jul 25, 2023Liked by Magatte Wade

Great article. I run a startup in the US focused into build software solutions for Telecom/Internet Service Providers. Wondering how can I engage with African Telecom/Internet Service Provider to foster collaboration, engagement, developing and testing of joint solutions?


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As the comment below shows:

We have heard your call and we are here and we are listening. We are paying attention. Africa has risen and as we expel the westerners our intention is to import jobs and export finished goods not just raw materials and labour.

We need Magatte to continue guiding more entrepreneurs and those living outside Africa to come together and make permanent change. The time is now. While our brothers in West Africa bare arms our role online is to accumulate capital and invest in our Motherland for the good of the continent.

Tell us where and when. We will be there.

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This just reminds me of the Venus project... If the rulers of the governments see this project as a source of easy Profit they might be willing to give these urban agglomerates a little rope of "freedom". Not much, just enough!

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Interesting article. I am curious where you would ideally locate your first Startup city in Africa.

If it were me deciding, I would choose a location with a viable ocean port, so the city would have easy access to the global trade network. Unfortunately, such sites are limited in Sub-Saharan Africa.

What are your thoughts?

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A port is great, but the most urgent priority is a government willing to provide the Startup City/Zone with the necessary legal autonomy and streamlined business environment. A financial center can be inland and still attract capital. While the Kigali International Financial Center is not perfect, it is very much a move in the right direction.

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